Corey & Patrick In the Morning on 100.3 FM The Edge is probably not the kind of show you are used to hearing in today's politically correct corporate radio.  Nothing is sacred. Nothing is off limits. And yet, you will find yourself cheering in agreement. Or, sometimes, yelling at your radio. 

6:15 Almost News

We tell you the stuff you need to know but we probably don't do it the way real news people do. 

7:05 The Big Story

This is the craziest or most important story of the day. Probably we will not treat it with kid gloves or respect. 

7:35 Head Up Your Ass Headlines

The longest running segment in Arkansas radio. All the wacky stories that make you feel better about your day.

8:45 Really, Awful, Terrible Files. 

Things that should not be talked about on air but we do it anyway. 

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