A Wedding Officiant for Unique Weddings

Getting married is the most personal thing you will ever do. Why choose someone who won't make your moment personal and meaningful? I specialize in creating a moment that is custom made for you, not some canned ceremony that lessens how special it should be. Why not make your moment as genuine as your love?
Weddings mean something. More importantly, your wedding means something. You don't want a cookie cutter wedding so why have a cookie cutter ceremony?
Let me do something special and beautiful for you. You may want it to be more fun, more secular, more intimate. Perhaps you have a theme and the ceremony needs to match. Maybe you need someone who can perfectly encapsulate who you are as a couple and reflect that in the moment. That's what I do.
And, yes, I am that radio guy you hear on Corey and Patrick In the Morning on 100.3 The Edge

Custom Vow Writing

Non-Traditional Weddings

Secular Weddings


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