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The Edge's Corey and Patrick In the Morning is one of the highest rated shows in Arkansas with topics spanning from absurd to compelling through the irreverent lens of a couple guys who couldn't be more different from each other. Weekdays from 6am-10am on 100.3 The Edge. 

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Laura & Patrick / iHeartRadio 

Laura and Patrick Beam are both stand up comedians and, as you might imagine, have a very unique dynamic as a couple.  Take a listen as they banter about anything and everything while taking shots at each other along the way. 

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Patrick has taken the anger on the road for over a decade now to the delight of fans all over the nation! His unique take on the everyday things that make us all crazy is something everyone can relate to BUT warned....this isn't the radio-friendly version of Patrick. He's hilariously untethered and unapologetic!

While not on the road nationally, Patrick performs a few times a year in venues throughout the state of Arkansas and the best part is his amazing comedic wife, Laura, also brings the stand up comedy laughs! With one of the most unique comedic voices of the day and a phenomenal bond with her audience, Laura delivers an unforgettable show!

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Yes, you can have Patrick DJ your event or officiate your wedding or BOTH even! Reasonable cost and 100% customized services! You can get all the details HERE!


Patrick has been woodworking for over 20 years and creates unique, artistic pieces that you will not find anywhere else! While he is not operating a custom shop anymore you can still see his latest creations that he offers by following The Sweet Wood Shop's Facebook page! You're probably gonna see something you can't live without! Check it out HERE!

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Patrick Beam achieved his lifelong dream of becoming a radio personality when he was officially named cohost of Corey and Patrick In the Morning on 100.3 The Edge in 2013.


Prior to 2013, Patrick spent over 20 years in a highly successful sales and management career with companies such as Textron Financial, Comcast and Hank’s Fine Furniture.


Patrick graduated from Bryant High School in 1988 but joined the Arkansas Army National Guard prior to that by participating in the “split option” program that allowed new recruits to attend basic training during the summer of their Junior Year of high school and resume training upon graduation.


He was a member of the 212th Signal Battalion in Benton, Arkansas which was the only National Guard signal unit in the nation to be activated for the Desert Storm Conflict.


As part of the 212th for seven years, Patrick’s role was that of a Node Center Operator whose mission was to relay signals from the front lines to the brass in the rear and vice versa. In that role he was one of the pioneers in fielding Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE) which, at the time, was the most advanced communications equipment platform in the world.


In 2002, Patrick devised a plan for “breaking in” to radio. He established himself as a movie critic via internet blog and soon was writing movie reviews online and for three newspapers. This enabled him to reach out to The Corey and Jay Show (LICK 106.3) and offer a unique humorous segment about bad movies.


Within a couple years, Corey & Jay were fired and Patrick had moved on. When Corey & Jay returned to the airwaves on 100.3 KDJE in 2003, they reached out to Patrick and asked him to return. He did but no longer as a movie critic. Instead he rebranded himself as Patrick the Angry, Angry Viewer (subsequently Angry Patrick) in which he delivered a weekly rant on Fridays about people and subjects in pop culture. His catalog has almost surpassed 600 episodes.


With the success of his weekly bit, Patrick began offering a syndicated version to radio stations nationwide and was carried on multiple stations as far west as Denver and El Paso and as far east as Boston.


During this time Patrick entered the stand-up comedy arena and created the only stand-up comedy show that toured cities throughout the state choosing to work in non-traditional comedy venues vs a comedy club.


This led to a national tour to be booked whereby Patrick would perform in all of the cities he was aired on and route other comedy venues in between. Prior to that being finalized, Jay Hamilton retired from The Corey and Jay Show and Patrick auditioned. The rest is radio history.


In addition to being an on air personality and stand-up comedian, Patrick also does custom woodworking in his home shop, is a Digital Media Manager, wedding DJ and officiant, creates social media commercials and self-published his first book in 2019.


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With over a decade of radio broadcasting, Patrick has literally performed thousands of voice productions including commercials, comedy bits, liners, promotions and, most recently, online course narration for the University of Arkansas Department of Criminal Justice. 

Whether you are seeking a broadcast voice,  marketing voice, character voice or anything in between, Patrick can deliver! 

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